When Pigs Fly and Applications Manage Themselves…
Now They Can

Did you ever think a day would come when cars could drive themselves, drones would fly or that technology could connect millions of devices into an Internet of Things? The truth is that technology systems have become far too complex to be managed by humans anymore. This battle is now being lost by humans and won by technology.

IBM defined the vision of autonomic computing where technology manages itself and adapts to unpredictable changes, but in actuality failed to deliver. We’ve been working hard at Qubell to make that vision a reality – starting with everyday application types: web applications, commerce platforms and big data analytics. And today we’re proud to share the news of two significant products:

The first autonomic application management platform for cloud applications

We’re making it possible for applications to become adaptive, self-managed services that configure, heal, optimize and protect themselves in response to changes within dynamic cloud environments. So now, instead of relying on humans, your applications can start themselves, upgrade to the latest version, scale on demand and adapt to all kinds of changes in their environments.  To read more click here.

Hadoop self-service test environments for big data applications

Now instead of waiting for IT to find the right infrastructure, we’re making it possible for Hadoop developers to add dynamic, cloud-based test environments on-demand for their big data analytics projects. And because they’re already pre-packaged with all the necessary analytics tools, they have much less to learn and can get started right away. To read more, click here.

What do the experts think about this? Here’s what a few have to say: 

In the world of DevOps, automation is key to unlocking a new way of IT service delivery, breaking the existing constraints, and thus enables new ways of working across the entire IT service life cycle,” said Cameron Haight, Vice President of Gartner. “Higher levels of automation reduce the opportunities to manually introduce errors and variations, and allow continuous process refinement.

Coordinating big data analytics with effective test creation and deployment is becoming a key focus increasingly for Global organizations as they seek to leverage the benefits of Hadoop and create visibility for the masses amount of data that’s been collected,” said Melinda Ballou, Program Director for IDC’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Executive Strategies service. “Too many companies are still at immature levels of quality and configuration management for production environments leveraging big data analytics and need to transition quickly to managed support to help drive key business benefits of analytics.

As I shared with the media today, at Qubell we are applying the principles of autonomic systems to reliably operate business services that have many internal and external dependencies, and any of them may change at any time. We’re excited to deliver technology that has proven itself in the enterprise environments and want to make it super-easy for companies of all sizes to get started with a free self-sign up tier, and gradually step into the paid plans as the usage increases. Interested? Give it a try.

By Victoria Livschitz

12 January, 2015

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