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Looking for a way to accelerate your Big Data initiatives? Give your developers self-service access to dynamic cloud-based environments with Qubell.
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Dynamic test environments for Hadoop developers

Qubell is the easiest way to add test environments to your analytics projects.

Your team is proud of the powerful analytics platform it has built. Unfortunately, there is never enough in-house infrastructure to run developer sandboxes and test environments for big data applications. In fact, most of your development happens on a laptop or in production. You you really want is isolated regression, integration and performance environments that can be spun up and reconfigured quickly, but how? The answer is Qubell. With just a click, Qubell provides a collaborative self-service portal for launching the most sophisticated test infrastructures on demand. 

Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation at RingCentral, discussed the power of dynamic cloud test environments for analytics applications with Victoria Livschitz, Qubell CEO, at the keynote address to CloudExpo, Silicon Valley 2014.


Developer sandboxes

Spin up and dispose of small private Hadoop environments, pre-loaded with code from a personal branch, test datasets and all necessary tools with just a click.

Certified test environments

Create certified test environments on demand for regression, integration and other types of testing, loaded with right datasets, connected to test infrastructure and integrated with CI tools.

Continuous upgrades

Configure your environments to upgrade themselves with new jobs, workflows, queries and data as soon as new versions become available, on schedule, or on request.

Collaborative development

Share your environment with colleagues, track changes in multiple environments of interest, and reuse configurations between teammates.

Qubell is the fastest way to learn Hadoop

Hadoop is an awesome open source technology with great tools. Unfortunately the learning curve can be a little intimidating. To help, we created the perfect Starter Kit:  we took a Cloudera distribution, added all the popular open source tools, wrote a demo analytics application, and pre-configured everything to run on AWS in just a click. We even provide you with a free AWS usage while you’ learning your way around. re

And the best part is... Qubell is free for small loads. You’ll running your first cluster under an hour!

Tools included in the distribution

It's easy to get started with Qubell

1Getting started:

  • Sign up, It’s free!
  • Walk through the initial set-up wizard (a few minutes).
  • Volla! You’re ready to launch demo analytics application.

2Learn the ropes

  • Launch a sample demo analytics application and its complete environment.
  • Explore how to scale, update, upgrade or shut down a demo environment.
  • Write to us with questions and ideas. We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

3Adopt to your project

  • Add your own AWS account or a private cloud.
  • Upload and store your test data.
  • Point to your jobs.
  • Add more components from the Qubell Bazaar, such as HP Vertigo or Tableau.

Analytics technologies from the Qubell’ Bazaar s
extend Hadoop eco-system

Analytics systems include many components for ETL processing, reporting realtime in-memory analytics, complex event processing and other functions. You can find many of your favorite tools at Qubell's online community on GitHub called the Bazaar, contributed under Apache 2.0 license by Qubell, its partners and customers. Import any of the components available on the Bazaar with a single click and start using them right away with your system. For an up-to-date list, visit Qubell Bazaar on GitHub.

Of course, you can always add your own components to Qubell's autonomic application management platform.

Examples of components available on Qubell's Bazaar

Want to learn more? Sign up or drop us a line to see a demo.


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