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Launch, upgrade and scale web-scale and big data applications in 1 click.


“Agility is a critical element of our success. Qubell enables us to test and deploy new features continuously, even for complex big data driven applications.”

Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation, RingCentral

Latest News

Qubell CEO delivers keynote at DevOps Summit at CloudExpo Silicon Valley, joined by customers from Kohls and RingCentral.

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Cool Feature

Scheduled and triggered workflows: it is now possible to execute jobs such as “launch” or “upgrade” on a schedule or trigger.

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Case Study: Raley’s

Replatforming to SAP hybrid: Faster Time to Market Through Environment Automation and Continuous Delivery.

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Application Automation: Speed and Controls

Qubell is an enterprise devops platform for companies that continuously develop, deliver and operate web-scale digital services. At its core, Qubell is a configuration management engine that collects configuration information about applications: which services they talk to, what components they consist of, and the nature of the dependencies between these components and the infrastructure on which they run.

Qubell then uses this knowledge to automate the creation, change management, scaling and disposal of application environments to support continuous development, testing and delivery of new features with live upgrades and 24x7 uptime. With a single click, users can launch, update, upgrade, patch, scale and destroy environments, be it for development, testing or production, safely and routinely.

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Retail Big Show 2015
New York City, Jan 11-14, 2015
GlueCon 2015
Broomfield, CO, May 20-21, 2015
Interop 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada, April 27-30, 2015
Internet Retailer 2015
Chicago, IL, June 2-5, 2015
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Forget IT Tickets!
Self-Service Improves Productivity, Quality and Cycle Times

For Developers

  • 100x faster to spin-up new environments
  • 100x quicker feedback on code changes
  • 100x less time to onboard new projects

For Operations

  • 10x more environments per admin
  •  10x fewer configuration errors
  •  10x shorter upgrade cycle
For reference: A 100x improvement is equal to completing a 2-week process in less than 1 hour. Your mileage may vary.

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